Rabu, 24 April 2013


hello tomorrow i want to go post office to send a few envelope to my new penpals and swap bot. so this is the photos.

 The Envie contains 2 traditional food recipes from Indonesia

Hope she likes the recipes

and this Envie send to my new penpal from Switzerland. She knows me at student of the world

then the last envie that i send tomorrow is for George from Taiwan, he want to exchange stamp for Indonesia. I think he's wrong to choose me for this swap because here only a few kinds of stamp.

Kamis, 18 April 2013

Incoming Frienship Book

hai hai haii...
hari ini hari terakhir libur niih!! sedih besok udah masuk, tapi hari ini aku dapat Friendship Book dari mbak Novie di Semarang hip hip yeyeye :))

untung aja nggak basah ini, soalnya pas aku nemuin ini diluar hujan.

Outgoing Friendship book

Beberapa minggu yang lalu aku ngirim Friendship book ke mbak Yessi di Jakarta.

trus nih amplopnya, dengan dibantu adekku sih ini buatnya hehe

Selasa, 16 April 2013


Based on an epic Hindu poem, the story model king Rama was adapted to become an important local dance, encompassing the Javanese style, culture and music. Whilst the story originated in India, the Javanese version is truly representative of local art and culture.

In the evenings, this ballet comes to life, enacted by over 200 professional dancers and musicians on an open air stage that takes advabtage of Prambanan Temple as a backdrop.

Prambanan’s Siva Temple depicts the ballet as interpreted locally in a series of 
stone reliefs, making the link to the site hundreds of years strong.

The story revolves around the duties of relationships; the qualities of the ideal 
wife, king, brother and servant.  Gods, mortals, giants, monkeys and beautiful 
women all come together to tell the colourful story of a courtship punctuated 
by a kidnapping and battles.

*The outdoors performances run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, and are weather dependent.*


Helloo semua!!
Setelah melewati minggu minggu UTS, rencananya minggu ini mau mengirim ini.

amplop pertama sebenernya udah saya tulis sebelum UTS tapi yaah waktunya gak ada, alias belum sempat ke kantor pos.

sent for Kara in England

amplop kedua baru saya tulis tadi siih hehehe

sent to Satu in Finland

dan amplop terakhir saya kirim ke Yogyakarta, moga cepet sampai ke tujuan deh kan sepulau

sent to Tifany in Jogja

Berharapnya sih ketiga amplop ini selamat dan cepat sampai tujuan, dan si penerima suka sama yang aku kirim.